Paris-Roubaix, The Inside Story : All the Bumps of Cycling` Cobbled Classic

Les Woodland

The Paris-Roubaix bicycle race, nicknamed The Hell of the North, is famous for sending riders over brutal cobblestone roads. Only the strong, brave and lucky survive the hours of bone-shaking racing without suffering some mishap or catastrophe. It is so difficult no one wins it by accident, and winning Paris-Roubaix automatically puts a rider among the immortals of the sport. How did that come to be? At one time roads everywhere were paved with cobbles. Why did Paris-Roubaix emerge to be such a special race? Les Woodland tells the inside story: how one of cyclings classics grew from several 19th century businessmens plan to bring cycling to the mill town of Roubaix. It wasnt a sure thing, and several times it seemed the race might die. Its a fascinating tale, so fasten your seat belts, Les is going to take you on a bumpy ride.